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Even though it appears that the COVID-19 pandemic will not be ending anytime soon, public meeting rooms have reopened at our preferred sites. We are currently holding Genealogy Interest Group meetings.  

The Genealogy Interest Group of the Historical Society of Marshall County will meet Sunday, October 17 at 1:30 p.m. in Room B at Marshalltown Public Library, 105 West Boone Street.
There will be a "Show and Share" session.  Those attending are invited to bring a photo of an ancestor and tell what is known about the person and why they are interesting and important to you.  Also, share where you got your information and what supporting documents you have.  These brief personal "case studies" may inspire someone else to look for clues in new and interesting places!
As always, anyone interested in family history research is welcome.
We will pass along any other learning opportunities and tips as we become aware of them.  We are missing all of you...stay safe.
Judy Nanke and Theresa Williams
Historical Society of Marshall County Genealogy Interest Group