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Preserving the past of Marshall County for future generations since 1908


Thank you for supporting local history!

Our sites and collections, events, and programs would not be possible without your financial support of our efforts to maintain this very important community-dedicated organization, and as a result we have been able to continue our mission to preserve and share our amazing local history since 1908. The generosity of all HSMC members and donors has been exceptional and is greatly appreciated.

The Historical Society of Marshall County extends gratitude for the generous financial support during 2020 and 2021 of the following individuals and local business donors: 

The 918

Abarrotes La Salud, Inc. 

Apgar Family Fund

Bruin Manufacturing Co. 

Cartwright, Druker, & Ryden

Casey's General Stores

Central Iowa Chapter of The Hudson-Essex-Terraplan

Chef King 

Hellberg's Jewelers 

The Hometown Veterinarian 

Jiffy Convenience Store

M. Gervich & Sons 

Marshall County Abstract

Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce 

Meskwaki, Inc. 

Mitchell Family Funeral Home

Premier Real Estate

The Optical Center 

Raymon Enterprises, Inc.

SNT Trucking, Inc.

Shomo-Madsen Insurance

Taylor’s Maid-Rite


Deane & Anita Adams

Donald & Carol Adams

Mary Baker

Brad & Ann Bartheld

Edwin Bartine

Robert & Jane Bauer

Robert B. Becker

Dan & Donna Brandt

Dick & Susan Breed

Chris & Cindy Brodin

Richard Brown

Judy Butler

Joe & Janelle Carter

David & Valerie Clark

Betty Collison

Hal Cooper

Glenn & Rebecca Dauschmidt

Sharon Depew

Melvin F. Dostal

Dennis & Heidi Drager

John Dresser

Carol Eddy In Memory of Allan Eddy

Gary & Monica Fulton

Jean C. Gorman

Cathy Green

Joel & Sharon Greer

Jim Grossman

Thomas Haight

Rolland K. Hauser

Erik Hegg

Paul & Fran Hermanson

Kevin & Julie Hitchins

Ruth Hovick

Ed & Joyce Hughes

Patricia A. Ikan

Stephen & Madelyn Irvine

Leslie Jones

Karlene Kingery

Christine Klukkert

Stanley Kolbe, Jr.

Carol Larimer

Julie Jontz Lang

Nancy Lynk Lowenberg

Ken & Maureen Lyons

Mark & Betsy Macke

Sue Martin

Doug & Angela (Mead) Marvin 

Raymond McCready 

Roxanne Mehlisch

Mary Middelkoop

Joann Neven

Nancy Noonan

Mark & Deidre Norton

Walden & Bonita Paige

John & Linda Payne

Mary Pfantz

Deanna Downs Petersen

Larry & Joynell Raymon

Craig Schwartz

Judith A. Smith

Mary Kay Sprangers

Karl & Nancy Swessinger

Jerry E. Tigges

Gordon Tweed

Theresa Walton

Deanna R. Ward

Tim Warden

Russell & Marie Watt

Betty Paul Webb

Pat Williams

Thomas Williams

Steve Willigrod

Peggy Willits

David & Gladys Winter

Ruth Yordy

Linda York

Jerald & Agnes Zeihan


The Historical Society of Marshall County receives financial support from The Susie F. Sower Trust, membership dues, events, private and corporate contributions, grants, nonprofit organizations, and publication sales.

Past supporters that have contributed to the Historical Society of Marshall County include:

The Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation
The Marshalltown Convention & Visitors Bureau
The Community Foundation of Marshall County
Lennox Industries Inc.